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Why Study in United Kingdom?

UK is a world leader in many education disciplines like arts, business and management, engineering, law, science etc. It is the second most popular abroad study destination in the world after USA. 600,000 international students come to study in UK each year.

Popular International Student Destination

The United Kingdom is the second most popular abroad study destination in the world after USA. More than half million international students come to study in UK each year. Students from Nepal, China, India, Nigeria, Malaysia, USA, Hong Kong, Germany, France and other parts parts of the world come to the UK  for higher studies. World leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Lee Kuan Yew, Desmond Tutu and George Soros studied in UK.

Top Universities in the World

Universities in UK are among the best Universities in the world. They have centuries of legacy, with some of them established nearly a millennium ago. In the recent QS Ranking of Top Universities in the World, 18 UK Universities featured in the top 100. Only the US has more. Four UK Universities –  Oxford UniversityCambridge UniversityImperial College London and University College London – featured in the top 10.

Work Opportunities

International students can work up to 20 hours per week during academic year and unlimited hours during summer holidays and breaks. You can find work easily. Part time work available for students are supermarket salesperson, waiters/waitresses in restaurant, delivery person, bartender etc. It is advised that students coming to UK learn basic skills like cooking, bartending and driving to increase their chance of finding jobs.

Worldwide Recognition

Degree from a UK University is accepted and held in high esteem across the world. It is accepted by leading global institutions and multinational companies. You will easily find jobs and opportunity of further education in any part of the world with a degree from a University in UK. You can also find jobs in the UK after graduating from your University.

Lower Education Cost

The cost of education for an international student in the UK is lower in comparison to US and other places. Tuition fee in US can range from $25-50 thousand per year at private Universities. The average tuition fee at UK is at around $10-15 thousand per year. On top of it, there are many scholarships for international students in the UK.

Gateway to Europe

It is very easy to travel to Europe once you are in the UK. One can reach most places of Europe within few hours of journey by train or flight. Direct flight to continental cities like Rome, Milan, Paris, Berlin etc. costs from 30 to 100 pounds. The underwater tunnel in the English Channel connects UK with France and the rest of Europe via road.

Quality Assurance

Universities in UK are inspected regularly to make sure that their education is of high standard. The inspection is done by Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA). Moreover, the Universities themselves put on a lot of effort to maintain standard as the quality of their education is a matter of pride for them.

Study in English Language

English is the most widely spoken and understood language in the world. Since the United Kingdom is the home of the English language, it is easy for students from all parts of the world to come to the UK for study. Students not only get an opportunity to study in English but can easily find jobs without knowing any other language.

Shorter Courses

Bachelor’s and Master’s courses are shorter in the UK in comparison to most countries. The standard length of Bachelor’s course is three years and Master’s course is one year. The study will be intensive to accommodate for the shorter duration but it will help international students save valuable time and money.